Awnings in Motion: Retractable for the Ultimate in Efficiency

Awnings in Motion: Retractable for the Ultimate in Efficiency

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The first awnings were stationary additions to a home or other building, meant for the sole purpose of keeping sunlight from pouring into open windows. In warmer climates, this was an effective way to keep the interior of the building cooler. If the awning extended low enough over the window, it also kept dust and debris from coming in when the wind picked up.

Property owners used natural materials such as animal skins and wood in the earliest versions of awnings. Eventually, the idea was enhanced with the use of different types of cloth and metal. At some point, creative and innovative individuals added motion to the concept, creating awnings that could be extended when needed and retracted when not in use.

Out of the Way

Nowadays, one of the most popular and efficient designs is found in retractable awnings that use folding arms to extend the covering over a patio, balcony, or any other outdoor area. Restaurants and cafés have found this feature to be a perfect option for outdoor dining spaces, giving guests a comfortable atmosphere during good weather. It’s quite possible to change that little-used outdoor space to an inviting, functional area with the basic addition of an awning.

One of the most popular and attractive options is the premium, retractable-arm system that can be used for widths up to 6 metres, with an arm projection of 3 metres. Additional projection is possible with added arms, as is additional width (up to 9 metres) with added arms. If you’d like the ultimate in efficiency, simply talk to a knowledgeable representative about motorised operation. You can add to the appearance of your home or commercial setting by incorporating colours and stripes to help market your business or just create the look you desire.

If this seems like it would be a great addition to your property (and it will be), you can learn more when you browse the website. After you’ve gathered the information you need, be sure to call and talk to a member of the team about a free, no-obligation appraisal. If you’re not sure which options will be best for you, just ask the representative for advice. Specialists are always available to provide expert advice on the proper installation and use of quality awnings.

Free Installation

Making your arrangements with and ordering from one of the leading providers in this field means you have access to the finest in awnings. All products are made using only the best materials, and you will benefit from unmatched customer service. You can also benefit from free installation, which means you don’t have to make an upfront deposit, and your agreement is interest-free.

If you feel it’s time to add a quality awning to your home or business, but are concerned about how much you need to invest, keep two factors in mind. Prices are always competitive and affordable. You can also arrange for a comfortable payment option, which includes pay-by-the-month and no-interest. Be sure to call and discuss approval for these great plans. You’ll be glad you did.

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