How to Choose Durable Pneumatic Tubing Fittings

How to Choose Durable Pneumatic Tubing Fittings

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There exist a broad range of air-tight pneumatic applications in the market which serve to connect valves, air-preparation systems, and cylinders. Depending on the brand and cost, you should be able to select a fitting that suits your needs. The hallmark of any quality pneumatic connector is its leak-proof attributes. Statistics show that a majority of users prefer pneumatic tubing, especially the rigid ones. Based on what you like, it is paramount for you to know how to choose a durable “no-air-leak” push lock air fitting.

Things to look for when selecting a pneumatic connector

Below are features to look at when selecting pneumatic fittings.

  1. Material

The best pneumatic fittings are those made of quality materials such as nickel.  These materials give the devise robustness as well as spark and shock resistance capabilities. Nickel-made connectors make strong, corrosion and heat resistant pneumatic applications. Another material to look out for is polypropylene. Aside from durability, it enhances the compatibility of your pneumatic fitting. Additionally, it is weather, UV, and ozone resistant. Other materials you should consider when selecting these connectors include brass and aluminum.

  1. High flow capability

When choosing a pneumatic fitting to fix your gas system, you should consider getting a section that can withstand high gas flow. A durable device should maintain the same flow on the outside and the inside tubing.  High flow configuration ensures that air passes through the pipes unrestricted without leaking. This feature also enhances safety in your home.

  1. Cost

You do not have to pay a lot to get durable pneumatic fittings. Whether bought online or at a local hardware store, some of the best models go for $1 or less.  It is important to note that paying for more does not guarantee durability. Therefore, you should be cautious of dealers who want to overcharge you for something that will not last.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility of the fitting is key when choosing a pneumatic tubing. You need check whether it is compatible with your pipes before purchasing the connector. If your pipes have a diameter of 7mm, then your device should have almost the same measurements to avoid gas from leaking out.  To further enhance a connector’s compatibility, you should cover the threaded portion of the fitting with sealant.

  1. Ease of assembly

You should always go for the ready-to-use push lock air fittings. Generally, pneumatic fittings should have simple designs that make it easy to assemble them once purchased. A device with a complicated design would make you spend a significant amount of time and money putting it together.  Quality fittings come with a thorough manual.


Given the existence of the numerous pneumatic connectors created by various manufacturers, you should choose a fitting that caters to your needs. You ought to check various things such as material, compatibility, ease of use, and cost before acquiring a part. When you put these factors into consideration, you will end up with a durable push lock air fitting.  The device should also be meet all safety requirements and regulations. Additionally, you should go for a part that is environmentally friendly.

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