So, You Have Decided to Buy A Used Car? A Few Things to Know

So, You Have Decided to Buy A Used Car? A Few Things to Know

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If you are looking for used Mercedes car or any other well-known brand, start looking for one from various old car dealers. If you find any car of your choice then don’t rush for taking test drive. Before you really take the car for the test drive, you need to ask lots of questions to the dealers.

You must wear plastic gloves before you go for inspection of the car. Avoid checking the car during night or in rainy situation. In both situations, you cannot spot the defects.

Following are few things you need to do.

  • Inspect the body and chassis

Check thoroughly the exterior and interior of the car. Look for any hidden scratches on all sides. Look for any uneven gaps between the panels of the body that indicates the car has gone through certain accidents. Open the bonnet and look for mismatched paints or any impacts etc. Also check the bottom of the car.

  • Check oil level

Check the level is correct. Its color should be light. Dark or dirty oil indicates poor maintenance.

  • Is there any leak?

Check the underneath of the car if there is any leakage.

  • Check all electrics

Test all the gadgets that are installed and make sure that all lights are working satisfactory. Check air conditioners during winter.

  • Check mileage

Usually tampering of meter is difficult however looking at the interior condition you can judge whether the mileage looks genuine.

  • Registry document

Never negotiate any car without any registration document. Call DVLA and make sure that the entries available in the paper matches properly. Also ensure that the person selling the car is the actual owner of the car.

  • Check records of servicing

Any used car must be offered by giving complete report of its servicing. Try to see if any receipts or any other papers are available to know the details of servicing. Also check the mileage tallying with the record. Tally the record of MOT so that you can verify the mileage is proper.

  • How you feel while driving

Make sure that you are insured before taking the car for the test drive. If your insurance is comprehensive then you can drive other’s car by taking the permission of the owner. Drive in different kinds of roads to verify its gearbox, clutch and brakes are working properly. Listen if the car is making any noise.

  • Don’t decide under the pressure from seller

There are plenty of used cars available and hence do not buy unless you are fully satisfied.

Hope these tips were useful. If you are looking to new used cars, visit CarSite for the car deals online.

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