The Best-Rated Lounges in Mumbai for Serving Delicious Fast Food

The Best-Rated Lounges in Mumbai for Serving Delicious Fast Food

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The lounges in the magnificent city of Mumbai are not just popular for the fun and peppy night life, but also known for the sumptuous fast food that they serve. Partying, drinking and dancing can drain you of your energy and make you feel hungry. In such a case, if the lounge does not serve delicious food, its entire charm is lost and it may start losing its valuable customers.

Here are some of the best-rated lounges in Mumbai that are famous for serving delicious fast food:

  1. Thug Lyf Lounge- This is an ultimate destination if you are looking for a place that plays awesome music to dance to and serves delicious pizzas. Thug Lyf lounge is situated in the Malad West area and is quite popular for pizza, fast food, Continental and Chinese cuisines. This is one of the popular bistros in town that serves authentic vegetarian food. The elaborate and funky dance floor is the biggest attraction for the crowd. As far as the ambience is concerned, the entire place has been built and decorated in such a way that it resembles a jail as shown in Bollywood movies.
  2. Young Chilli- If you are tired of the bland flavours and you seek to go to a lounge that serves great fast food with spicy Indian flavours, Young Chilli will not disappoint you. For all those who love Asian food, this place is a paradise. The spontaneous decor, quality food and great ambience make this place a favourite for the young crowd who flock during the weekends to enjoy the spicy fast food. In addition to all these perks, the place is also very budget-friendly for the guests who visit.
  3. Hoppipola- This lounge is located at the Lower Parel area. The best part about this lounge is the Mediterranean and Continental cuisines that they serve. It is a great place to visit for all those who are not just party lovers, but food lovers as well. The entire place has been decorated in a very creative manner, which looks very eye catching to the guests who enter the lounge. The classy ambience and yummy fast food are the reasons why this place is so popular.
  4. Ego Lounge- Ego Lounge is located at Borivali West region and is a famous spot for most youngsters to chill out with their buddies. They not only serve great fast food, but are also quite famous for the drinks that they offer along with different flavours of hookah. The most striking feature of this place is that it offers world-class ambience along with a variety of delicious food at very affordable prices.
  5. Kailash Parbat– For the past few years, the lounge Kailash Parbat has been consistently keeping up its reputation as one of the best places to dine with friends and families. The menu offers a wide range of choices to choose from when it comes to fast food or any other dish. The entire ambience is very elegant and sophisticated.

We all love fast food and these places listed here offer certainly the best fast food at a very pocket-friendly price in addition to an ambience full of fun.


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