Tips to strengthen your hair and avoid hair loss

Tips to strengthen your hair and avoid hair loss

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems that most of you must be facing. It has become an extremely irritating problem and a cause of great concern for most because hair is loved by most. So, abnormal hair loss often adds to other existing problems. There could be little variation in the intensity of hair fall but mostly it remains a yearlong affair. However, you may notice a handful number of people who has a very good hair – thick, lustrous, black and looking very healthy. There could very few people like this but there are such people.

It was observed in Richfeel hair treatment Reviews that before going for transplants, people try to resort to some very effective ways in which you can resolve this hair fall and hair loss issue. Before you know the effective ways to restore you hair health, let’s know some of the common reasons which causes abnormal hair fall.

  • Excessive consumption of contraceptives
  • Lack of proper diet
  • Childbirth
  • Being in air conditioning for prolonged time
  • Menopause
  • Frequent use of hair styling tools and blow driers
  • Excessive chlorine in water
  • Pollution
  • Excessive intake of salt and being in salty water for a long time
  • Being in the sun for a long time

You can very effective treat your damaged hair and restore its health. Here are some of the most effective ways to do that.

Healthy diet: This is one of the most important underlying causes of bad hair health. Presently, you suffer with lack of proper diet. As a result, your body lacks essential nutrients and minerals. As a result it does not get passed onto your hair. Hair breakage is mainly because of weak hair follicles. Due to lack of proper oxygen supply, your hair follicles tend to lose its strength and over time they tend to break off. You can however solve this issue by eating a lot of foods which are rich in iron. When you eat dark leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beans, lentils, legumes and other such foods, the nutrients from these foods facilitates transport of oxygen to your hair follicles.

Vitamins and minerals: Your hair needs a very good balance of vitamins and minerals. Your hair needs a lot of vitamin C so eat a lot of guava, papaya, sweet potatoes, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries and more such food which are rich in this vitamin. When your body has enough of vitamin C its capacity of absorbing iron from other sources increases. Apart from this it helps your body to produce collagen which is important for strengthening the capillaries that carry blood and oxygen to your hair shafts. Besides vitamin C, you must also ensure proper intake of vitamin A because it helps in the production of sebum. The sebaceous glands on your scalp secrete sebum which acts as a natural conditioner and prevents your scalp from drying and becoming itchy.

If your hair fall is more intensive or if you are not willing to wait for these natural remedies to work, then you can go for hair transplant methods. Richfeel hair transplant review states some effective hair transplant methods and products. Let’s take a look.

Richfeel Anagrow Treatment: Anagrow is a specialized hair transplant treatment which makes use of the revitalizing properties green apple, aragan, pea plant, and nano-lipobelle coenzyme Q10. A compound is made, called PCT Rejuva Max, from the mixture of these revitalizing elements. A machine is used to administer this compound on the scalp of people suffering from severe hair fall issues.

Richfeel hair fiber: It is a special fibre available in colours like black, dark brown, med brown and light brown. It can be used to make your hair look dense within a few minutes. It is absolutely safe for use and works best when you want to mask bald patches. Just evenly sprinkle the fiber on the bald patches and it’s done and you too will like to contribute to the Richfeel reviews after seeing the positive results.


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