What to Search for in Medicated Dog Shampoo

What to Search for in Medicated Dog Shampoo

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In case, your dog has been suffering from any kind of rashes or skin infection, you would be advised to use Medicated dog shampoo. You could also consider a medicated conditioner for your dog fur and skin. A number of medicated canine shampoos have been made available in the market. However, you would be required to determine the one that would cater to your dog health needs in the best manner possible.

Different formats of dog shampoo

It would not be wrong to state that dog shampoo has been made available in different formats. They have been particularly designed for specific skin types. It would be inclusive of normal, dry and greasy skin types.

Natural ingredients in dog shampoo

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should search for medicated dog shampoo that includes 100% natural ingredients. In case, you cannot determine or have been familiar with the ingredients listed on the bottle, you should search for a different brand of dog shampoo.

Human shampoo for pets

You should not use any kind of shampoo or conditioner that has been intended for human usage on your pets. It could aggravate the skin of your dog and trigger severe irritation. It has been deemed of great importance that dog shampoo and conditioners would mostly develop in a manner that would be more acidic in its pH levels. Only such shampoo has been deemed perfect for the overall health of your dog’s skin.

Consider the skin of your dog

When you actually wish to choose a suitable shampoo for the dog, you should consider the skin of your pet. In case of over sensitive skin, you should choose a shampoo that does not hurt the skin of your canine friend. In case, you pet has been scratching skin frequently, it may have considerably delicate skin. For extremely sensitive skin of your pet, you should try dog shampoo that encompasses oatmeal or aloe vera cream in it.

What kind of dog shampoo to avoid

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should avoid any shampoo that would encompass man made ingredients in it. You should not go for perfumed shampoos, as they might irritate the skin of the dog.

How often the dog should be given a bath

Similar to humans, frequent wash would take away the natural oils from the skin and fur of the dog. Therefore, you should do it at least twice a month.


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